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Junior Tennis at NSRC

Jerry Karzen, Alex Cisneros, Eben Abban, Brett Karzen, Becky (Karzen) Moffatt and Peter Kane lead one of the most successful Junior Programs in the Chicagoland area. Drills, Leagues, High School Boys and Girls Travel Doubles Teams, private lessons and a bevy of CDTA Junior Tournaments make NSRC a leader in Junior Tennis! Junior programs are developed by Tennis Director, Jerry Karzen. Our philosophy is to help juniors improve their tennis so that they can enjoy it more.

*Any level class can have a tennis specific fitness component "built into the class." Certified personal trainers will take a 20-25 minute period each week and run through routines that will benefit the kids now and for life.

Level Descriptions:

Level 3 - Beginner/Intermediate 8-10 year olds that are starting to develop basic forehand, backhand, volley and serve technique. They can rally in a 60 foot court and keep score. The stronger players are beginning to play full court (78 ft) points. They use low compression red and orange balls.

Level 4 - Tournament 1 10-12 year olds that can get serves in, keep score and play games. They are becoming more consistent in rallying back and forth, movement to the ball and solid contact playing on full size tennis court. Orange and green dot balls are used.

Level 5 - Tournament 2 10-13 year olds that can play games, beginning to add power and placement to their shots. Some are starting to get spin on their serves and topspin on their ground strokes. Can begin to play in Novice CDTA Tournaments. Green dot and yellow balls are used.

Level 6 - Tournament 3 11-14 year olds who are on track to make freshman/sophomore high school teams. Many have a line drive topspin ground stroke, proper no-swing, trace of slice volleys, consistent serves, and are getting more comfortable coming to the net. All can play in Novice Tournaments and many are playing in CDTA Level 5 Tournaments. Yellow balls are used.

Level 7 - Hitters 13-15 year olds who are currently trying out for or are currently on high school freshman/sophomore tennis teams. They are getting good at match play with respect to competing and learning winning strategies. They are sound with their technique and some have developed weapons (i.e. big forehand) to win points. Yellow balls are used.

Level 8 - Team North Shore Any age junior who has become a tournament player. They often play twice a week or more, have had or are currently taking private lessons and take their tennis seriously. Athlete is planning on making the high school varsity tennis team and may have a Chicago District Tennis Association (CDTA) Junior Ranking. Yellow balls are used.

Level 9 - Team North Shore PLUS
Any age junior who is a serious tennis player with respect to playing tournaments and who is ranked in Chicago and possibly the Midwest and Nationally. They work on their fitness, currently play or will be playing on varsity tennis teams in high school and plan on playing college tennis. Yellow balls are used.